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We were among the first to imagine the mobile sales enablement best suited to the needs of sales teams and their management.

Our expertise on mobile sales enablement has been proven over 10 years. We deal with small and medium-sized companies, large companies and all companies composed with a sales team.

Okalys is a business solution that meets the challenges of profession of sales people, whatever their sector of activity and whatever the size of their teams.

These are several hundred land users and headquarter administrators who use Okalys' marketing and sales support material and trust our technology and know-how to meet the needs of the sales force.

Among our clients, we work with :

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Customers testimonials

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" We were looking for a solution for our sales book which allowed us a great flexibility in updating the content, while having the ergonomics of a tablet application, which is what we found with Okalys.
Thanks to its back office, we are not dependent on a third part to update the content which allows us to be very reactive. The back office has been thought through to be simple to use. Indeed, it is very easy to understand its operation because it is logical, intuitive.
In addition, the ergonomics of the application is very well thought out. Today, our 15 salespeople use this solution and are delighted !
We have been cooperating with Okalys since December 2016 and we are convinced that we have made the right choice because, in addition to having a high-performance product, the team is professional and friendly ! "