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We were among the first to imagine the mobile sales enablement best suited to the needs of sales teams and their management.

Depuis nos débuts en 2006, notre expertise sur le book commercial a fait ses preuves. Nous nous adressons aux PME, aux PMI, aux Grands Comptes et toutes les entreprises composée d'une équipe de commerciaux.

Okalys is a business solution that meets the challenges of the profession of sales, whatever their sector of activity and whatever the size of their teams. That is why today we equip companies in the food sector, consumer products, professional products, service businesses, technical council, pharmaceuticals, software... and many others in France and abroad.

These are hundreds of field users and headquarter managers who use the sales book Okalys to meet the needs of the sales because they trust our team, our technology and our expertise.

Among our clients, we work with :

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Customers testimonials

Mme Le Dissez
Responsable Merchandising

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" We were looking for a solution for our sales book which allowed us a great flexibility in updating the content, while having the ergonomics of a tablet application, which is what we found with Okalys.
Thanks to its back office, we are not dependent on a third part to update the content which allows us to be very reactive. The back office has been thought through to be simple to use. Indeed, it is very easy to understand its operation because it is logical, intuitive.
In addition, the ergonomics of the application is very well thought out. Today, our 15 salespeople use this solution and are delighted !
We have been cooperating with Okalys since December 2016 and we are convinced that we have made the right choice because, in addition to having a high-performance product, the team is professional and friendly ! "

E. Ferrand
Chargée d'Animation des Ventes

" The feedbacks are very positive, the use is very simple for salespeople and customers' use is very beneficial and diffuse a very good image. Okalys was very well appreciated on the field (46 sales people and 6 regional sales managers). During the official presentation, the clapping erupted ! 
I chose Okalys for its simplicity of management and use for sales team, the tool back use the same known codes and allows a very qualitative rendering for a resale of products for professionals. In addition, the tool allows an immediate update of information and management in real time. The back-office is very easy to manage and I was able to create the Sales Book very easily because the logic is very clear. The Set Up went very well with our IT team who sat with Okalys. "

M. Houssin
Chef de secteur

Logo Lactalis Fromages

" Okalys is a genuine helping tool that serve me on a daily basis in disconnected mode for my information needs in order to prepare my customer appointment, find and present product pitches, customer's news and in my company's news or have an internal tool box.  I used according to updates carried out weekly by the directors at headquarters of Lactalis Cheeses, in order to be sure to have updated information.
The tool is very ergonomic and I don't need any computing skills to use it.

Tactile use on my tablet allows me to navigate to the 4 corners of my book in a very fluid way. "