Tactile and Off-line Sales Book

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Okalys is a SaaS software that allows to efficiently manage the mobile sales forces by structuring and disseminating the commercial information of the companies.

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How Okalys improves commercial appointments ?

By ensuring they do not do any more computers !

Gone are the days spent in customers looking for a document and its version ; behind a keyboard and multiply PDFs, Powerpoints... etc. The principle of the Okalys software is to allow sales people to present their sales arguments by a fluid, dynamic and organized way.

No need to move a heavy, slow computer and dog-eared folders. Sales representatives assume a new attitude and find their real profession : sell.

How Okalys improves the work of the commercial management ?

By ensuring that sales people apply the sales strategy !

Commercial informations are centralized and hierarchically organized so that all of the  sales force spreaded on the field has the right information at the right time, whether permanent or ephemeral. It becomes easy to create sales scenarios to standardize methods.

Thanks to Okalys sales documentation is formalized, the methods are standardized and the sales process is optimized.

At the heart of your digital transformation

La version 3 du book commercial Okalys fonctionne sur tous les PC , les tablettes et les smartphones :

Windows 7, 8, 10


Apple iOS

A single touch movement

We have chosen to maintain mastery of the globality of our source code and this allows us to propose features and performances that you will not find elsewhere.

With a simple movement of the hand, sales representatives present all the documents of the sale's scenario thanks to a technology that we are the only ones to master at the moment.

In order to offer even more tactile possibilities, we have redeveloped native capabilities in web browsers. We can scroll documents and media through the same interface and without accumulating them, be it PDF, Office documents, 3D real-time, images, videos, ...

The Okalys mobile sales enablement is also able to anticipate the loading of documents to save you time. It means, it loads the peripheral documents of the document you are viewing in a fraction of a second and in disconnected mode. This allows you move from one document to another or browse the current document without having to wait for its loading.

tactile movement

Files formats

All types of documents files and formats are accepted.

They are automatically compressed to take advantage of the fluidity of touch gestures of tablets.

Documents scroll horizontally and vertically, are zoomable and interactive.

team collaboration

Collaboration and strategies

The entire marketing and sales material is managed by headquarters' teams who work together to create business presentations and achieve their goals.

Commercial services, marketing services and general services of the company share one tool of communication for the mobile sales force.

Business strategies are quickly deployed and adapted. The geographical distance between headquarters and the field decreases.



Works in all web browsers or through a dedicated app.

100% tactile

Works and is operated with a finger on all operating systems.

Off-Line mode

Works without internet connection to get all the informations up-to-date

They trust us