Mobile sales enablement features

Take advantage of all the performances to develop your sales

Mobile sales enablement

For mobiles sales forces

Genuine sales support tool, Okalys' mobile sales enablement will allow salespeople to involve their customers in commercial interview.

The interactivity created by the tablet and the sales book reinforces the relationship between the salesman and the customer.

100% Tactile

Fonctionne et se pilote d'un doigt sur tous les systèmes d'exploitation et toutes les tailles d'écran : ordinateurs, tablettes et smartphones.

Take advantage of new tactile uses and improve your customer relationship, with the objective : Zero computing.

Off-Line Mode

No need for internet connection during your commercial interview , introduce all the informations up-to-date in off-line mode.

Access all content without worrying about having internet connection or waiting for documents loading and successfully sell.

Scenarios sharing

Allows you to securely communicate your sales presentation to your customer so that he can consult documents in tactile mode.

Easily exchange your information with your customers and follow their decision levels.


A simple synchronization allows to collect the whole salesbook content and new documents set up by the headquarters.

Be sure that your informations are always correct and receive updates in real time.

Documents preloading

Anticipate document loading because it loads peripheral documents of the document you are viewing in a fraction of a second and in disconnected mode.

Switch from one document to another or browse the current document without having to wait for it to load and no longer waste time in commercial appointement.

For headquarter's administrators

The commercial management has complete autonomy in marketing sales support material updating thanks to simple and efficient administrative tools provides.

With a complete Back-Office, Okalys's administration methods allow to adapt the structure of the salesbook to all types of businesses.

Online content edition

In addition to the documents you import, you can compose pages and interfaces via a kind of PowerPoint tool to position media, shapes, links and create interactivity. 100% of the salesbook is organized by your administrators and collaborators who are only limited by their imagination. You manage, organize, modify, improve, update, add ...

Easily create interactive content to your image with intuitive editing tools that do not require technical skills.

Sales scenarios

The goal is to create a plan, organize the documents in a logical, precise order and structure a speech suitable for a type of appointment.

Organize different sales plans with different documents in order to apply your sales strategy and achieve your goals.

Targets management

Targetsmanagement allows you to automatically hide all confidentials and competitives informations with one click and display customer-specific information.

Automatically adapt the commercial speech according to your target and be sure to not make any mistake.

Privilege management

Administrative privileges are defined for each group of contributors and administrators : it is then easy to specify "who has the right to do what?" in the update of the mobile sales management.

Strengthen the collaborative mode between the teams in order to create a powerful sales book.

Publishing programmation

Allows you to set a publication date and an automatic archive date for each document.

Ensure the relevance of ephemeral information (eg. promotion), schedule its publication and schedule or not its archiving date.