Mobile sales enablement features

Take advantage of all the performances to develop your sales

100% Tactile

Driving with a finger on all operating systems and all screen sizes: Computers, Tablets and Smartphones with nothing to install.

Enjoy unique developed custom tactile gestures. We offer new performances and uses for businesses with the guarantee to make Zero computing.


With a single user account and without installing application, you can access to multiple devices with the guarantee of an optimal display.

Reach to your sales book with ease, in all situations, even in a heterogeneous IT infrastrucutre.

Off-Line Mode

No need for internet connection during your commercial interview , introduce all the informations up-to-date in off-line mode.

Access all content without worrying about having internet connection or waiting for documents loading and successfully sell.


Each user connects via a secure https interface using encrypted and personal identifiers.

Keep your information safe thanks to a successful security strategy.

For mobile sales forces

Genuine sales support tool, Okalys' mobile sales enablement will allow salespeople to involve their customers in commercial interview.

Interactivity created by the tablet and the sales book helps to strengthen the relationship between the seller and the customer. Sales representatives get a new attitude and find back their real profession : sell.


Allows the sales force to retrieve the latest content established by headquarters. Only authorized documents are downloaded. For example, this innovative system allows customization of downloads of managers or multiple sales force.

Make sure you always have the right information and receive updates in real time. Differential Sync allows you to reduce the processing time and the loading of unnecessary files.

Preload in real time

The system anticipates the loading of 5 documents / 15 pages, regardless of the content in order to streamline the presentation to the customer, with a simple movement of the hand and without wasting a single second.

Switch from one document to another or browse the current document without having to wait for it to load and no longer waste time in commercial appointement.

Double navigation

We offer you a new way to navigate through the technological innovations developed :

From right to left - from left to right : move from one document to another.

From bottom to top - from top to bottom : browse the content of a document of several pages.

Enjoy a fluidity of movement and a unique user experience.

Integrated viewers

We redeveloped all viewers needed all types to open all kind of content directly and automatically in Okalys and without using other software.

Open your documents without waiting for the opening and loading of software such as Excel, Acrobat Reader, video player... and do not overload your workspace.


Without internet connection, you can easily access information or a specific document using the search function.

Reach the content you want in a fraction of a second without having to go through all of your commercial book.

Scenarios à la carte

Intelligent system that allows the sales representative to build a dynamic sales scenario in collaboration with its client.

Customize your sales interviews and keep focus you on your speech.

Mailing cart

A new way to send to your customer a selection of documents. This one will receive an email with a login link (no attachments or link by document). With a unique and incomparable user experience, he consults various documents directly in his web browser and enchains them from right to left and from top to bottom without leaving the browser and without installing anything.

Easily send information to your customers and follow their decision-making levels thanks to a unique user experience and extremely simple for your customer.

Interactives forms

You can enter in real-time, dynamic forms allowing the rise of information (both textual and visual) in offline mode. The forms are then sent by e-mail to one or more recipients. Okalys is able to generate forms from your existing documents.

Go to zero paper and fill out precisely and easily your forms during your appointment with your client.


Allows you to sign documents in a cryptographic manner respecting the two characteristics of a legal electronic signature: guarantee the integrity of the document and the identity of the signer.

Also dematerialize the signing of your commercial documents. It's faster, it's simple and above all it has legal value.


If you sell your products or if you have affiliates in other countries, you should know that all Okalys interfaces are already translated in several languages of the world.

Equip your sales abroad of the same digital sales tool than your teams in France, offering them to work in their native language.


Allows to automatically hide competitives and confidentials informations and to display information specific to your customers.

Automatically adapt the commercial speech according to your target and be sure to not make any mistake.

For headquarter's administrators

The commercial management has complete autonomy in marketing sales support material updating thanks to simple and efficient administrative tools provides.

With a complete Back-Office, Okalys's administration methods allow to adapt the structure of the salesbook to all types of businesses.

Autonomy 100%

Real tool of creation and broadcasting, you are totally independent to improve your content, your design, your tree... depending on your profession and your desires.

Create by yourself your sales book without limits or constraints without calling us or a marketing agency. The satisfaction of creating is recognized by our customers !

Real time view

You manage, organize, edit, add, improve, update, move, remove... and let your imagination speak out.

View in real-time changes to your sales book (no need to synchronize an app to check the final rendering).

Online content edition

In addition of your documents that you import, you can compose pages and interfaces to set media, forms, links, create the interactivities... etc.

Easily create interactive content, personalize them to your image and your graphic charter with intuitive editing tools.

Documents compressor

Whenever you add a document (PDF, video, image, word, excel, powerpoint...) the system recompress automatically to optimize it for synchronization and for display.

Save users time and significantly reduce load times with significantly reduced weight. Salespeople no longer waste time in the appointment.

Create interactivity

You can rethink and improve your navigation by cutting a multi-page document directly in Okalys, recreating links above your own documents or by composing your own pages on which you will create the interactivity.

Make your sales book more interactive, efficient and attractive. Do not stay on a linear navigation and offer the opportunity to bounce in every corner according to the appointment.

Ranges photos generator

Automatically generates a range of products including visuals, data sheets, technical, sales leaflets, videos... and makes them interactive. The administrator will be able to strategically organize the products according to the customer.

Get attractive visual support and take advantage of the interactivity of the media to better interact with your customer.

Users management

Okalys allows you to manage your users, organize their profiles, add, delete, move according to their status... etc.

Customize users and groups of users of the sales book to the rhythm of your activity and the roles of each.

Internals informations

Our digital tool will also serve you to publish news related to your business, on internal information (market, procedures...) which will be automatically hidden in commercial interview.

Use the sales book also as support for internal communication. Make it a global tool, a real toolbox for your sales force.

Sales scenarios

The goal is to create a plan, organize the documents in a logical, precise order and structure a speech suitable for a type of appointment.

Organize different sales plans with different documents in order to apply your sales strategy and achieve your goals.

Publishing programmation

Allows you to set a publication date and an automatic archive date for each document.

Make sure you the relevance of ephemeral information (eg: promotion) and publish it at the right time.

Targets management

Allows to combine specific and generic information without ever duplicate them in customer-specific folders.

Simplify the circulation of commercial information of your customers without creating multiple duplicates and lighten up the update.

Privilege management

By setting admins privileges for contributors and administrators, it is easy to specify "who has the right to do what?" in the update of the sales book.

Strengthen the collaborative mode between the teams in order to create a powerful sales book.


This real dashboard shows you the most viewed content, the number of page views and the displaying time by document.

Evaluate if documents are well used by the teams on the period you want and according to the on-line mode and / or off-line.


Allows your own evaluation sesssions destined for sales reps in order to validate their knowledge.

Optimize the costs of training and evaluate outcomes. Users don't need internet connection to answer and everyone's going at his own pace.

To go even further

CRM connection

Whatever your CRM, we can communicate with him to meet your customer data recovery needs in order to make the two tools complementary.

Simplify the lives of your sales force and optimise your business data. Improve your internal processes without multiplying the tools.

Network linking

Automatically synchronizes folders and content directly with your local network to manage, organize and distribute content.

Facilitate further the update of the contents of the sales book by automating the management of information.


Our technology allows you to open a secure and restricted access to the sales book to external visitors of your company for consultation and download.

Consider implementing a custom extranet based on your customers without installing any application.