Mobile sales enablement

Upgrade your business presentation tools

The mobile sales enablement is a tool of commercial presentation equipping the mobiles sales forces of companies. Genuine support for sales, it allows salespeople to reinforce their sales pitch and apply the marketing strategy set up by the sales management.

Still used in its paper version, it is however complicated to update it several times a year and pass it on to the many salespersons spread over the territory. Expensive and no ecological, it is also difficult for commercial executives to make sure that their field teams use the right versions of the sales book.

However the marketing and sales materiel exists for many years in digital version and in tactile version since the advent of the tablets some time ago.

Okalys today responds to new tactile uses and the growing use of digital tablets by sales forces.

We enable companies to realize tactile sales scenarios to develop their business performance. They can thus transform their entire sales documentation into a simple and attractive sales support tool for both sales people, headquarters and end customers.

Our tactile and off-line mobile sales enablement can take you away with technology and features that we are the only ones to master !

Our expertise

We start where CRMs stops.

We allow commercial managment to :

  • Centralize and prioritize business information

  • Ensure the reliability of the information showed to end-users

  • Standardize sales methods

  • Make better enforce the sales strategy

  • Strengthen team cohesion

  • Manage teams

We allow sales people to :

  • Be more comfortable and efficient

  • Apply the company's sales strategy

  • Have a more customer-oriented approach

  • Get the right information at the right time

  • Follow their clients and their decision-making level

Our difference

We take full advantage of tablet power and sales people's know-how by offering unique features and a new user experience.

The tactile being completely redeveloped to obtain the best, we promise Zero computing during the commercial meeting.

Thanks to the tactile tablet and the marketing sales support material, we bring the salesman and his customer closer, they are no longer face-to-face but side-by-side.

Our technology

The technology used at Okalys allows us to deploy our tactile and off-line mobile sales enablement solution very quickly and easily.

We master the whole system, its functionalities and can anticipate technological evolutions.

One of our strengths is to be able to offer you Okalys as a WebApp or as a dedicated app and to ensure the same performance in both cases.

The user accesses via a secure web interface to the entire sales book hosted in France.

Just connect with IDs and the customer consumes Okalys on demand, according to his actual needs.