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Towards new commercials performances

Our vision

Enabling salespeople to express their talents

How we do it

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve the work of salesmen and the commercial performance of companies.

In order to maintain our performance and continue to improve them, we have chosen futuring technologies that enable us to meet the requirements of the largest number of companies. Evolving according to technological advances, Okalys has progressively adapted its software to now respond to new tactile uses and the increasing use of digital tablets by salespeople. Our latest version meets the expectations of companies with mobiles sales forces who want to structure their speeches.

Our story

The first version of Okalys's marketing sales support software was released in 2006 and our expertise has greatly contributed to the development of the innovative solutions we provide today to our customers.

From the beginning we wanted to answer a strong problem of nomadism : transmit the right information to the right person at the right time. But how to broadcast information quickly to someone who is far away ? We have therefore chosen to create a tool allowing companies to communicate with their teams by structuring the commercial information necessary to standardize the commercial strategy.

We work historically with the retail sector because the most demanding of this kind of tool but sales systems are very varied and that is why Okalys' mobile sales enablement is adaptable to the majority of companies.

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